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For the first time ever a complete set of all the "Wab" issues is available here in color!

The Wabaningo Lodge Emblem Handbook was originally published in 1952 by Dwight Bischel (see interview) and is the seminal work in Order of the Arrow patch collecting. His was the first attempt to catalogue and illustrate, on a national basis, Order of the Arrow insignia. When his work was published these were the current, or nearly current, badges used by the various OA lodges. In the nearly 50 years since, they have become the classics of our hobby.

Many of these badges, most of which pre-date the use of "lodge flaps" by the lodges, are now quite rare. Some were represented in the Wabaningo Handbook only by drawing and are illustrated here publicly for the first time. Less than five copies are known to exist for some of these patches. The patches shown in this book have become collectively known as the "Wab issues" and are highly sought after by advanced collectors and memorabilia historians.

By clicking on the thumbnails below, you can view these issues in color as laid out in the original book. You can also view the individual patches by clicking on the links below. This is the first and only time the complete set of "Wab issues" have been illustrated in color.

All the images displayed on this page, unless otherwise noted, are the intellectual property of the American Scouting Historical Society, © 1999. Use of these images for any purpose, without written permission, is strictly forbidden.

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Lodges 1-99

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1 Unami R7a

2 Sanhican R2

3 Nawakwa R1

4 Ranachqua A1a

5 Minsi X3a

6 Wagion C2a

7 Owasippe R2

7 Owasippe R3

11 Susquehannock X1a

12 Nentico X2

15 Chappegat X3

19 Sisilija R1

22 Octoraro R1a

22 Octoraro X1b

33 Ajapeu F1a

35 Wichita R2

36 Neche A1b

37 Achtu R1a

38 Inali X1

38 Inali X2a

40 Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan R2

41 Natokiokan A5

43 Delmont S1a

46 Eriez X1

47 Hanigus R1

48 Wakpominee A1

49 Suanhacky R1b

50 Cherokee R1a

51 Shawnee R1a

54 Allemakewink R1b

55 Waukheon L1

57 Kuwewanik R4a

58 Ah-Pace A1a

63 Potawatomie R1

65 Tseyedin R1

67 Anicus C6

68 Miquin R1

69 Mazasha R2

70 Tali Taktaki X2

71 Na-Tasi-Hi X1

73 Sinawa R2

73 Sinawa R3

73 Sinawa R4

75 Kiskakon A1

76 Hunnikick R2a

76 Hunnikick R2b

77 Lekau X1

77 Lekau X2a

81 Mannaseh A1

84 Wakanta R1a

89 Kepayshowink A1

91 Nih-Ka-Ga-Hah X1a

92 Illini R1

93 Katinonkwat R1

94 Blackhawk A1

95 Ty-Ohni C1

96 Tom Kita Chara X1

99 Tonkawa A4


Lodges 100-199

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101 Mikanakawa A1a

104 Occoneechee R1

106 Wiyapunit R1a

107 Kon-Kon-Tu X1

108 Wakosha R2a

110 Pokagon A1

111 Wa-Hi-Nasa R2a

113 Wihinipa Hinsa X1

117 Croatan A1

118 Wahissa R1a

119 Tomo-Chi-Chi X1

120 Chief Shabbona F1

123 Zit-Kala-Sha R1

123 Zit-Kala-Sha R3a

125 Memeu R1

127 Tahquitz R1

128 Kickapoo A1

129 Egwa Tawa Dee R1

130 Sagamore C2a

132 Illinek R1a

134 Tsali R1c

140 Ma-Ka-Tai-Me-She-Kia-Kiak R1

142 Papakitchie R1a

146 Tichora X1

148 Inola X1a

152 Indian Drum A1

162 Migisi Opawgan R1

167 Woapink X1

167 Woapink X2

168 Unalachtigo F1a

176 Minniduta S1

178 Mohican R1a

179 Alibamu R1

184 Sequoyah R1

188 Iti Bapishe Iti Hollo R1a

190 Wisawanik R1

191 Kashapiwigamak R1

197 Waupecan A1

197 Waupecan A2a


Lodges 200-299

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204 Chattahoochee A1

212 So-Aka-Gha-Gwa R1

214 Gimogash X2

215 Noo-Ti-Mis Oh'Ke R1

217 Mattatuck R1

218 Cuwe R1

220 Passaconaway X1a

221 Muscogee R1

225 Tamet R2

227 Wetassa R3b

228 Walika A1

229 Pilthlako A1

232 Akela Wahinapay X1b

233 Wa-Zi-Ya-Ta R1

236 Un A Li'yi A1a

237 Aal-Pa-Tah A1a

239 Semialachee A1

240 Ney-A-Ti R1

242 Chimalus X1

245 Tulpe R1

246 Wakoda A1

248 Wabaningo R1a

249 Spe-Le-Yai A1

251 Ho-Squa-Sa-Gah-Da C1b

254 Comanche A1

257 Agaming R1

258 Shenandoah A1

268 Ta-Oun-Ya-Wat-Ha C1

271 Madockawanda X1

272 Wewanoma YF1

276 Shenshawpotoo R1

277 Apinakwi Pita R1

281 Black Beaver X1

282 Royaneh X2

284 Tuscarora R1

286 Iaoapogh X1

287 Sakawawin R1

292 Tarhe X1a

296 Nayawin Rar R2

297 Uncas X1


Lodges 300-399

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302 Koshkonong A1a

306 Michi-Kina-Kwa R1

307 Karankawa R4

314 Mishawaka X1

316 Quekolis R1

317 Guneukitschik R2a

318 Waguli A1

325 Quilshan A1c

326 Tipisa R3

327 Huaco A0.5

329 Nikiwigi X1a

334 Shin-Go-Beek X1b

340 Timuquan X1a

342 Sumi A2a

343 Wapsu Achtu R2

345 White Panther F1

349 Blue Heron A1a

351 Wisie Hal'a Con R2

353 Immokalee X1a

354 Mayi X1

360 Shinnecock R1a

370 Massasoit J1

373 Carcajou R1a

374 Gabe-Shi-Win-Gi-Ji-Kens A01a

375 Machek N'Gult A1

376 A-Me-Qua R1b

384 Tiadaghton X1

386 Tuckahoe R1b

388 Samson Occum A2

395 Kowaunkamish R1

397 Chilantakoba A1


Lodges 400-499

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401 Nakida-Naou R2a

412 Buckskin L1a

419 Packanke C1

426 Po-E-Mo R2a

431 Witauchsundin R1a

438 Wahpeton R1a

The "Wabiningo Collection" is a part of the National Archive of Twentieth Century Scouting Insignia.  The patches were reassembled over a thirty year period and represent the first time the collection has ever existed intact.

The collection contains the correct issue and variety of each patch pictured in the original Wabiningo Emblem Handbook.  In some cases, the correct patch is either unique or the only example known.  Many patches are the actual patch that was photographed by Dwight Bischel for the book.  The Gimogash Lodge 214 X2 in the collection belonged to Dwight Bischel and was earned by him when he was chief of that lodge.

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