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Central Georgia Council (96)
Macon, GA
Lodge Data
Chartered: 1947
Lodge Totem: Creek warrior slinging spear with an atlatl
Name Translation: Deer Trap Creek  (Creek)
Changes: (none)
2007 Membership+: 412

+Sum of predecessor lodges' membership for new lodges. GNYC lodges' membership numbers are total for all GNYC lodges.



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Lodge Issues
A1 RED C GRN RED  ECHECONNEE; bottom of deer's neck has thin BRN HOR bdr   
A2 RED C GRN RED  ECHECOHHEE; misspelled; no bdr to VER jagged deer neck   
A3 RED R GRN RED  SSC on sateen   
A4 RED C GRN RED  (30th ANN); '47-'77 (BRN and TAN deer; see ZA1? and ZA2?) 
A6 BLK R DGR RED RED BLK Over RED Bdr; PB; Clear Lock; 40 Hours Service; formerly listed as QA1   
C1 RED C GRN RED RED RED "1947-1997", A shaped   
HS1 GRN C M/C WHT BLK mini flap; 32 x 68 mm   
J1a GRN C BLU RED  BRN in mound diagonal stitch; large twill A   
J1b GRN C BLU RED  DBR in mound HOR stitch; GRN and PGR bkgd.   
J1c BGR C BLU RED   DBR in mound; BGR and PGR bkgd.   
J2 GRN C M/C RED   solid EMB; unverified; may not exist   
J3 GRN R M/C RED  deep notches; HOR breach cloth   
J4 GRN R M/C RED  rounded notches; VER breach cloth   
J6 GRN C M/C RED BLK PBL bkgd mat.; CD; solid BLK FDL   
J7 GRN C M/C RED GRN CD; outlined FDL   
J8 RED C DGR RED RED RED "1947-1997"; A shaped   
J9 GRN C M/C RED LGR CD; PB; Not outlined lgr FDL in grass   
J10 GRN C M/C RED LGR GRN Ghosted "CGC"; No Lodge #; CD; Stadri Logo PB; Name At Top (large arrowhead, lodge name across top; 2005) 
J11?        (large arrowhead; deer totem) 
N1 RED R RED WHT  SSC; (1954)   
P1 GRN C M/C YEL  YEL WWW; TRI; RED breach cloth w/YEL bdr; MVE   
P2 DGR C LBL BLK  CEREMONIES; large oddshape with peak   
P3 GRN C M/C DYL  RED WWW; YOR & DBR breach cloth; TRI (may be first pie from lodge)   
P4 DGR C BLU BLK  DANCE TEAM; large oddshape with peak   
P5 DGR C M/C BLK LGR Ceremonies; CD; large odd shape   
P6 GRN C M/C BLK LGR BLK ELG; CD; large odd shape w/ peak   
P7 GRN C M/C BLK LGR Dance Team; CD; Large Odd Shape with Peak; 1999   
QA1      Now listed as A6   
QS1a LGR R WHT WHT LGR (1987) rejected by lodge   
QS1b LGR C M/C WHT LGR No bdr; like QS1a   
QS2 BLK R WHT WHT BLK like S10   
QS3a DGR R M/C WHT M/C Swiss EMB; SS   
QS3b GRN C M/C WHT GRN No bdr; Like QS3a, KAK BMT   
QS3c GRN C M/C WHT GRN No bdr; like QS3a; DGR BMT   
QS4 BLK R M/C WHT GRN no facial features; Swiss EMB   
QS6 LGR C M/C WHT M/C No bdr; like S-9; LGY spear; rough spot in left LBL; BLK BMT   
QS7 LBL C LBL LBL LBL LBL Ghost; Rejected By Lodge; CD; 2005   
R1 RED R WHT BLK  ELG; 75mm twill (threadbreak) 
R2 RED R WHT     75mm; ELG   
S1 LGR C M/C WHT  no #358; DYL spear; FF   
S2a LGR C M/C WHT  WHT spear; WHT BMT; light RBR Native American; w/358   
S2b LGR C M/C WHT  PYL BMT; COP Native American   
S2c LGR C M/C WHT  GRN BMT; BRN & DBR Native American   
S2d LGR C M/C WHT  BRN & DBR Native American; WHT BMT   
S3 LGR C M/C WHT  YEL spear; w/358; BLU sky; GRN grass; LGY BMT; RBR Warrior   
S4a LGR C M/C WHT  YEL spear; w/358; LBL sky; DGR grass; LGR BMT; DOR Warrior   
S4b LGR C M/C WHT  LBL sky; GRN grass; LGY BMT   
S4c LGR C M/C WHT  PBL sky; GRN grass; GRN BMT   
S5 OLV C M/C WHT  DYL spear w/358; BLU sky; LGR grass that is lighter than bdr; GRN BMT   
S6a OLV C M/C WHT  LBL sky; GRN grass; YEL spear w/358; GRN BMT   
S6b DOL C M/C WHT      
S7 BLK R M/C RED  DYL spear   
S8 LGR C M/C WHT M/C LBL sky; GRN grass; Swiss; BLK Outlined SS Bottom; MVE: CB/PB   
S10 LGR C M/C WHT BLK HOR PBL sky; VER DGR grass; CD   
S11 GRN C M/C YEL M/C SS; 50th ANN   
S12 GRN C M/C WHT YEL 75thOA   
S13a GRN C M/C WHT  Diagonal PBL sky; CD; LGR BMT; GRN grass   
S13b GRN C M/C WHT  PGR BMT; DGR grass   
S14 GRN C M/C WHT BLK Diagonal PBL sky; CD; solid BLK FDL (GRN BMT) 
S14        (LGR BMT) 
S15 GRN R M/C WHT M/C SS; 1919-Council ANN; 1994   
S16 DGR R M/C WHT GRN CD; BLK outlined FDL; GBR Native American   
S17 GRN C M/C WHT M/C CD; BLK outlined SS; DOR Native American; DYL spear   
S18 BLK R M/C DRD LBL BLK "50"; CD; GRY spear   
S19 GRN C M/C WHT LBL CD; DOR Native American; DYL spear; PB; WHT "358"   
S20 BLK R M/C DRD LBL CD; DOR Native American; GRY spear; CB; DRD "358 WWW"   
S21 GRN C M/C WHT LBL CD; DOR Native American; DYL Spear; PB; LBL "358"; Like S19; Clear PB   
S22a GRN C M/C WHT LBL CD; DOR Native American; DYL Spear; PB; YEL "358"; Like S19; Clear PB   
S22b GRN C M/C WHT LBL CD; DOR Native American; DYL Spear; PB; YEL "358"; Like S19; DBL PB   
S23 BLK R M/C WHT GRN BLK "NOAC 2004, Iowa"   
S24 BLK R M/C RED LBL RED "2005 National Jamboree, 358, WWW"   
S25?        (No lodge number, 2006) 
S26?        (NOAC06;) 
S27?        (Lodge 60th Anniversary) 
S29?        (standard flap; BLK border, RED inner border2009) 
S30?        (NOAC09; SMY border, particiapant) 
S31?        (NOAC09; RED border, trader) 
S32?        (BSA 100th Anniversary) 
S33?        (2010 National Jamboree) 
S34?        (2011 standard flap, new deer totem, rising sun in bkgd) 
S35?        (deer totem, BLU sky in bkgd) 
S36?        (2012 Conclave Host) 
S37?        (2012 SR9 Section Chief) 
S38?        (NOAC12; BLK border, trader [130]) 
S39?        (NOAC12; SMY border, contingent [70]) 
X1a RED R M/C RED RED TRI; 90mm; VIG; 3 Arrows; CB; TRR (CB) 
X1b RED R M/C RED RED TRI; 90mm; VIG; 3 Arrows; PB; TLM (PB) 
X2 BLK R M/C RED RED REC; "Cook Team"; CD; CB   
X3?        (2009 SR-9 Conclave) 
X4?        (NOAC09; arc) 
X5?        (2010 Event Pass) 
X6?        (2010 Jamboree; arc) 
X7?        (2011 Event Pass) 
X8?        (RED Cook Team) 
X9?        (TRI, Vigil) 
X10?        (Camp Improvement; BLK border, 10 hours of service) 
X11?        (Camp Improvement; RED border, 25 hours of service) 
X12?        (Camp Improvement; GMY border, 50 hours of service) 
X13?        (2012 Event Pass) 
X14?        (2500; issued for lodge completing 2500 hours of service towards upcoming conclave) 
X15?        (NOAC12; BLK border, trader [130]) 
X16?        (NOAC12; SMY border, contingent [70]) 
ZA1 RED C FGR RED  RED "47"; Like A4 but missing "77"   
ZA2 BLK C DGR RED  RED "47"; Like A4 but missing "77"   
ZR1 RED C WHT   Like R-1; Overseas Fully EMB; BLK "Ordeal Lango" (R1 design; solid) 
ZS1 YEL R M/C WHT M/C S-8 W/T-Breaks & YEL R/E; Swiss   
ZS2 GRN R M/C WHT M/C S-8 W/ GRN R/E; Swiss   

Miscellaneous Items and User Added Images
S-40        Breast Cancer 
S41-X17   High Adventure 
S44   NOAC Fundraiser 
eX2012   Fall Fellowship 
eX2013a   Spring Fellowship 
eX2013b   Fall Fellowship 
eX2014a   Spring Fellowship 
X18   2013 Event Pass 
X19   Vigil - White Echeconnee 
X20   2014 Event Pass 
J12   Back Patch - Similar to J11 - No Reflection of Deer Legs in water 
2015 NOAC 1     
2015 NOAC     
eX2014-2   Fall Fellowship 
eR2015   Spring Fellowship 
X21   2015 Event Pass 
S45   Autumn - Seasonal Set 
S46   Winter - Seasonal Set 
S47   Spring - Seasonal Set 
S48   Centennial 
F1-X22   2015 NOAC Trader 
F2-X23   2015 NOAC Delegate 
X21   2015 Event Pass 
none specified   eX2015 Fall Fellowship 

Blue Book Chapter Listings

Big Indian Creek
  No known chapter issues    

  No known chapter issues    

  No known chapter issues    

Pine Forest
  No known chapter issues    

Lodge Event Patches

(Listings from the last edition of Blue Book.)
eJ1962 WHT R M/C BLK  RND; Fellowship   
eJ1963 WHT R TRQ BLK  RND; Fellowship"   
eR1967-1 BBL R WHT BLK  Fall Work Fellowship   
eX1967-2 RED C WHT RED  Winter Fellowship   
eR1968 DBR R WHT   Summer Ordeal Fellowship   
eX1972 BLK R BLU RED  Fall Fellowship   
eX1973 BLK R BLU RED  Fall Fellowship   
eX1974 WHT R BLU RED  Fall Fellowship   
eX1975 BLK C M/C RED  Fall Fellowship   
eX1976a BLK R WHT RED  Fall Fellowship; BIC; DGR outer border   
eX1976b BLK R WHT RED   Fall Fellowship; BIC; very DGR outer border   
eX1977 BLK R YEL RED  Fall Fellowship   
eR1978 BLK R DYL RED RED Fall Fellowship   
eR1979 RED R WHT RED WHT Fall Fellowship   
eX1980 BLK R WHT BLK LGR 1980 Fall Fell.   
eR1981 DBR R WHT BGR LBL Fellowship   
eR1982 BLK R M/C BLK BLK Fall Fellowship   
eA1983 RED C GRN RED RED Fellowship   
eX1984 BLK R M/C RED DYL Fall Fellowship   
eR1985-1 RED R WHT RED GMY Spring Fellowship; DJ   
eX1985-2 GRN R M/C BLK DYL Fall Fellowship; DJ (LGR c/e) 
eYX1985-3?        (1985 Fall Fellowship; GRN rolled edge, provenance unknown) 
eYX1985-4?        (1985 Fall Fellowship; BLK rolled edge, provenance unknown) 
eX1986 GRN R M/C BLK DYL Fall Fellowship   
eX1987 RED R WHT DBL RED Fall Fellowship   
eR1988-1 TAN C TAN   Leather; Spring Fellowship   
eX1988-2 BLK C M/C YEL YEL 1942-88, Fall Fell.; SQU (RECT) 
eX1989-2?        (1989 Spring Fellowship) 
eR1989 GRN R BLU BLK YEL Fall Fellowship   
eX1990 BLK R LBL RED GRN Fall Fellowship; OA 75th   
eX1991-1 DBL R M/C RED DYL Lodge Fellowship   
eX1991-2 FGR R M/C DYL DYL Lodge Pow Wow   
eX1992-1 GRN C BLU YEL YEL Fellowship   
eR1992-2 GRN R BLU WHT BLK Pow Wow   
eX1993 RED R WHT BLK BLK Fall Fellowship   
eR1994 DGY R M/C BLK  Fall Fellowship   
eR1995 PGR R BLU BLK RED Fall Fellowship   
eR1996 BLK R M/C BLK BLK Fall Fellowship   
eX1997 BLK R M/C BLK RED Fall Fellowship; 50th ANN   
eX1998 BLK R M/C RED RED Fall Fellowship   
eR1999 TAN C BLU GRY GRY Fall Fellowship   
eX2000 BLK R M/C WHT GRN Fall Fellowship   
eX2001 RED R M/C  TRQ 358, 2001 Fall Fell.; Dome   
eX2002 BLK R M/C RED BLU 2002 Fall Fell. SQU   
2003 Fall Fellowship     
2004 Fall Fellowship     
2005 Fall Fellowship     
2006 Fall Fellowship     
2007 Fall Fellowship     
2008 Fall Fellowship     
eX2009-1?        (2009 Banquet) 
eX2009-2?        (2009 Ordeal) 
eX2009-3?        (2009 Fall Fellowship) 
eX2009-4?        (2009 Fall Fellowship; Let Us Try to Find the Arrow) 
eX2010?        (2010 Fall Fellowship) 
eX2011?        (2011 Fall Fellowship) 
Data for 199 patches from this lodge and type(s) are shown above.

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