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Mason-Dixon Council (221)
Hagerstown, MD
Lodge Data
Chartered: 1945
Lodge Totem: Snake coiled on arrow
Name Translation: Indeed a Very Long Way (name of a creek) 
Changes: (none)
2007 Membership+: 246

+Sum of predecessor lodges' membership for new lodges. GNYC lodges' membership numbers are total for all GNYC lodges.



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Lodge Issues
J1a YEL R M/C YEL   TRI; course BLU bkgd; 90 mm "Guneukitshik"; WHT CB(1973)   
J1b YEL R M/C LYL   DBL bkgd; colored CB(1973)   
J2 YEL R M/C YEL YEL TRI; fine stitching; 90 mm "Guneukitshik"; FDL   
J4 YEL R M/C YEL  TRI; fine stitching; 85 mm "Guneukitshik"; (1990)   
J5 RED R M/C BLK  triangle   
P1a DYL C M/C DYL   QC; ORG BMT; 10 mm wide RED fletching   
P1b DYL C M/C DYL  YEL BMT; 8 mm wide RED fletching   
R1 GRN C WHT RED  3 has flat top; arrowbarb wider than coils; MVE: coarse & fine NT   
R2a GRN C WHT RED  TRR; "G"&"7" tag border; WAB   
R2b LGR C WHT RED  TRR; arrowhead 1 mm from rattle; "G"&"7" do not tag border   
R3 GRN C WHT RED  3 has round top; TRR; arrowbarb even with coils   
S1 LYL C M/C LYL  FF; (1957)   
S2a DYL R M/C DYL  VER bkgd; 30mm "COUNCIL"53x125 mm; 8mm wide fletch; MVE GRY (1958)   
S2b DYL R M/C DYL  6mm fletch   
S3 DYL R M/C DYL  VER bkgd;"COUNCIL" is 35 mm wide; 59x125 mm   
S4a DYL R M/C DYL  HOR bkgd; MVE--size; CB; smooth fletching; indistinct eye   
S4b DYL R M/C DYL  62x120 mm; WHT creslon back   
S4.5 DYL R M/C DYL  HOR bkgd; CB; notched fletching; distinct eye   
S5a RED R M/C BLK  no beaded outline on WHT arrowhead; (1973)   
S5b RED R M/C BLK  beaded outline on WHT arrowhead; (1974)   
S6a DYL R M/C DYL  30th ANN; "1945 1975"; bright WHT arrowhead   
S6b DYL R M/C YEL  30th ANN; "1945 1975"; dull WHT arrowhead   
S7a DYL R M/C DYL DBL FDL; CB; LGY B.S.A.; (1975)   
S8 DYL R M/C DYL DYL 35th ANN; "1945 1980"; BLK "35"; FDL   
S10a RED R M/C BLK BLK Swiss EMB; FDL; CB   
S11a RED R M/C BLK BLK CD; FDL; thick letters; 61x125 mm; CB; PTQ/BRN bkgd; (1986)   
S11b RED R M/C BLK BLK thin letters; 64x125 mm; CB; (1987)   
S12 DYL R M/C DYL DBL CD; FDL; CB(1986)   
S13a LYL R M/C LYL DBL CD; FDL; HOR BLU bkgd in diamond stitch pattern; PB(1989)   
S13b LYL R M/C LYL DBL HOR BLU bkgd in diagonal rows; (1993)   
S14 GMY R M/C BLK BLK 75thOA; "1915 1990"; 2 FDL   
S15 RED R M/C BLK BLK SS; CD; PB; LBL/GRY background; large eye; wavy tongue; "1" & "7" tag at bottom; MVE: letter and embroidery thickness; (1990)   
S16 RED C M/C BLK WHT FDL; irregular lower bdr; (1991)   
S17 DYL R M/C BLK DYL FDL; 50th ANN; WHT "50"; USA/CSA flags   
S18 LYL R M/C LYL BLU FDL; 64x111mm; DYL snake; PB   
S19 RED C BLU DYL NBL FDL; 2001 NE-4C Conclave; CD; PB   
S21 GMY R M/C DYL DYL FDL; JAM01; CD; PB; Delegate   
S22 RED R RED DYL DYL FDL; 55th ANN; "1948-2003"   
S23 RED R BLK DYL DYL FDL; Camp Sinoquipe 55th ANN   
S24 BLK R DBL WHT DBL FDL; NOAC04; 2 piece set w/X3 (NOAC04;) 
S25 RED R M/C BLK BLK SS; CD; LBL & GRY BKG; CB; small eye; straight tongue; "1" & "7" tag at top; (2004)   
S26 YEL R M/C YEL M/C WHT/BLU B.S.A./FDL; 61x126mm; PB   
S27 BLK R M/C WHT BLK FDL; 60th ANN; '1945-2005'   
S28 RED R M/C RED BLK FDL; JAM05; Antietam; [200] (2005 Jamboree; Dunker Church at Antietam, RED border flap) 
S29 BLK R M/C RED BLK FDL; JAM05; Antietam; 2 piece set; [600] (2005 Jamboree; Dunker Church at Antietam, BLK border set) 
S30?        (2006 Conclave Service Lodge) 
S31?        (NOAC06;) 
S32?        (NOAC06; DYL border) 
S33?        (NOAC06; WHT border) 
S34?        (Camp Sinoquipe 60th Anniversary; GRY border) 
S35?        (Camp Sinoquipe 60th Anniversary; RED border) 
S36?        (NOAC09; trader, RMY border) 
S37?        (NOAC09; delegate, SMY border) 
S38?        (2010 Conclave Service Lodge) 
S39?        (BSA 100th Anniversary) 
S40?        (2010 National Jamboree; BLK border) 
S41?        (2010 National Jamboree; SMY border) 
S42?        (standard flap, no periods in "BSA") 
S43?        (PNK monochrome; for Breast Cancer Awareness) 
X1 RED R ORG BLK  REC; 25th ANN; WHT "25"; "1945 1970"   
X3 BLK R M/C WHT GRN FDL; CHEVRON; 2 piece set w/S24 (NOAC04;) 
X4 BLK R M/C WHT  NOAC04; DIA; on YEL n/c   
X5 BLK R M/C BLK BLK FDL; Antietam; 2 piece set with S29; [200] (2005 Jamboree; Dunker Church at Antietam, BLK border set) 
X6?        (Camp Sinoquipe 60th Anniversary; GRY border) 
X7?        (NOAC09; trader, RMY border) 
X8?        (NOAC09; delegate, SMY border) 
X9?        (2010 National Jamboree; BLK border) 
X10?        (2010 National Jamboree; SMY border) 
YS1 ORG R M/C BLK  like S5B; thread breaks; likely manufacturer's internal reject w/new border   

Lodge Event Patches

(Listings from the last edition of Blue Book.)
eN1964-1           Now listed as eYN 1964   
eYN1964-2   DYL RED  SSC & EMB; RED EMB arrows on 1964 "Camp Staff" Sinoquipe Scout Res.; identified as camp only and not OA   
eX1969-1 RED R GRN RED  J Warren Large Camporee; OVAL   
eYX1969-2 DGR C WHT BLK   ‘Guneukisschick/O-Rama’; PA district (?) activity patch (was listed as eX-1969-2)   
eR1971 BLK R ORG BLK  Camporee   
eR1972 BLK R YEL RED  Pow Wow   
eA1973-1 WHT C GRN BLK  Pow Wow   
eR1973-2 LGY R ORG RED WHT FDL; "Camp Improvement"   
eN1973-3   LGR BLK  SSC; 1973 Pow Wow"   
eN1973-4   LGR BLK  SSC; 1973 "Pow Wow Staff"   
eX1974-1 ORG R YEL GRN  Pow Wow   
eX1974-2 BLK R M/C WHT  Service Weekend; REC   
eN1974-3   DYL DGR  SSC; 1974 Pow Wow   
eN1974-4   DYL DGR  SSC; 1974 "Pow Wow Staff"   
eX1975-1 BLK R M/C YEL  30th ANN 1945-1975; "Pow Wow"   
eR1975-2 DYL R LBL BLK  Work Weekend   
eN1975-3     DYL DYL   SSC; "Work Weekend"; (unverified)   
eN1975-4   DYL DYL  SSC; 1975 1945-1975; 30th ANN; "Pow Wow Staff"   
eN1975-5   DYL DYL  SSC; Pow Wow; 30th ANN   
eX1976-1 RED R YEL BLK  Annual Pow Wow; BIC; SHIELD   
eX1976-2 DBL R ORG BLK  Service Weekend; BIC; REC   
eX1977-1 YEL R ORG BLK YEL FDL; "Pow Wow"   
eX1977-2 YEL R M/C BLK  Service Weekend   
eX1978-1 RED R BLK WHT YEL FDL; "Pow Wow"   
eX1978-2 DYL R M/C DBR DYL FDL; "Service Weekend"   
eR1979-1 BLK R BLU RED YEL FDL; "Pow Wow"   
eX1979-2 BLK R DGY BLU YEL 2 FDLS; "Service Weekend"   
eR1980-1 GRN R WHT RED RED FDL; "Pow Wow"; "1945-1980"   
eX1980-2 RWB C RWB BLU WHT FDL; "Service Weekend"; REC   
eX1981-1 BLK R ORG BLK RED FDL; "Pow Wow"   
eR1981-2 RED R WHT BLK  o/a Service Weekend   
eX1982-1 RED R WHT BLK PUR FDL (International); "Pow Wow"; Scouting 75th ANN   
eR1982-2 RED R WHT BLK RED FDL; "O/A Service Weekend"   
eR1983-1 RED R TRQ BLK YEL FDL; "Pow Wow"   
eR1983-2 YEL R WHT BLU YEL 2 FDLS; "Service Weekend"   
eX1984 RED R ORG BLU BLU FDL; "Pow Wow"; REC   
eR1985 BLK R BLU RED DYL FDL; 40th ANN; "Pow Wow"   
eR1986-1 RED R BLU BLK YEL FDL; "Pow Wow"; "WischaloweDedication"   
eX1986-2 WHT R DOR RED DYL FDL; "Spring Camporee"   
eR1987 RED R GRN DYL DYL FDL; "A/O [sic] Pow Wow"   
eR1991 WHT R M/C WHT BLU FDL; Spring Fellowship   
eX1993 BLK R BRN BLK BLK FDL (outline); Pow Wow; TRI 1993 Pow Wow 
eX1994 RED R ORG BRN ORG FDL; Pow Wow; OVAL 1994 Pow Wow 
eX1995 ORG B M/C YEL DGY FDL; Pow Wow; 50th ANN; REC 1995 Pow Wow 
eR1996-1 RED R ORG BLK BRN FDL; Pow Wow; Wischalowe 10th ANN; 1996 Pow Wow 
eX1996-2 BLK C M/C BLK GRN FDL; Spring Fellowship; ODD 1996 Spring Fellowship 
eX1997 DYL R DBL WHT DYL FDL 1997 Spring Fellowship 
eX1998 WHT C WHT ORG BTQ FDLs; Pow Wow; ODD   
eX1999 M/C C TRQ YEL ORG FDL; Pow Wow; ODD 1999 Pow Wow 
eX19xx-1      Now listed as eX1974-2   
eR19xx-2      Now listed as eR1975-2   
eX19xx-3      Now listed as eYX1969   
eX2000 BLK R DYL BLK RED FDL; Harry L. Salvatore Pow Wow; TRI 2000 Pow Wow 
eX2001 RED R RED WHT BRN FDL; Pow Wow; OVAL 2001 Pow Wow 
eX2002 RED R BLK RED  Pow Wow; REC 2002 Pow Wow 
eX2003 BLK R DGY BLU  Pow Wow; ODD 2003 Pow Wow 
eX2004 BLK C TAN PUR BLK FDL; Pow Wow; ODD 2004 Pow Wow 
eR2005-1 BLK C BLK YEL  Pow Wow (2005 Pow Wow) 
eR2005-2 BLK R GRN YEL DRD FDL; Work Weekend/Camp Sinoquipe (2005 Work Weekend) 
J6   Ceremonies Team 
S-45   2015 Centennial issue 
S44   SMY rolled brdr; M/C bckgrnd; YEL name; YEL fdl; 2013 national jamboree 
Data for 143 patches from this lodge and type(s) are shown above.

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