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The Anniversary of Our Order

11113282_10101567248822837_2489921023351698603_nOver the last few years a group of dedicated Arrowmen, both youth and adults, have put in countless hours researching and documenting the history of the Order of the Arrow. It has been a challenge: both an irksome task (at times, I am sure) and a weighty responsibility. The early years of the Order have never really been well documented and much has since been lost as the brothers from those earliest years have since gone on to their Great Reward. Given the great challenges they face, this group has done great work.

In the course of this work several historical facts about the history of Scouting and the Order of the Arrow have been uncovered and documented that delve into cultural areas that are difficult to discuss in today's society and would shock some. Others, which not shocking do rattle our notions of what we think we knew. One such area of research, that has been quietly pushed aside, deals with when the Order was found and by whom. The Order of the Arrow as we know it, was actually founded by Carroll A. Edson in the summer of 1914! This year we should be celebrating the 101st anniversary of the Order, not its centennial.

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OA Song - Original Words

The music to the OA song has been used in many places since it was first composed by Alexis Lvov in 1833 as the Russian (Tsarist) National Anthem. A performance of this orignal anthem can be found in MP3 format at the link below. Does your lodge sound like this when they sing? *grin*

Original music for OA Song


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